Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Welcome to the TransactionSpace blog. We invite you to join the community of users and commentators who are helping us realize the power and potential of TransactionSpace. We are unveiling new features all the time, and working to make your transactional practice more seamless and less rote. Your feedback is critical.

For the newly initiated, TransactionSpace was developed by two business attorneys seeking to make the legal transaction process more efficient, intuitive, precise and transparent through the use of simple web-based tools. The founders’ personal experiences and frustrations as legal practitioners led to the conception of TransactionSpace. We refined TransactionSpace through more than a year of research and development and now offer a superior web-based application that lets you do the lawyering, while we manage the process.

TransactionSpace streamlines transactions through innovations to the primary legal transaction processes: negotiation, document drafting and closing. TransactionSpace integrates into a collaborative application, carrying lawyers and their clients from term sheet to t-book. Please visit www.transactionspace.com and take a free tour.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Announcing 'Sharing'

TransactionSpace users may now invite adverse counsel to collaborate on deals. Send an invitation to a lawyer representing the other side, and they can post document drafts, configure signature blocks for their clients and transmit finalized agreements and signature pages directly to their clients.